Josh Brown

Head of Talent Acquisition, Clemson University

Josh is a passionate talent acquisition leader who specializes in proactively seeking passive candidates through strategic postings, searches, and social media to bring a diverse group of top talent to the best university in the world.   Josh was the first Lead Recruiter/Recruiting Strategist and now leads the Talent Acquisition team for Clemson University.  Josh manages and leads the recruitment team and facilitates the recruiting function, policies, and processes.  He has also redesigned and implemented enhanced recruitment programs and initiatives for Clemson's faculty and staff.  

Clemson University is one of the country’s top public universities and combines the best of small-college teaching and big-time science, engineering, and technology.  Prior to joining Clemson, Josh served as Campus Director for ITT Technical Institute.  Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Business-HR Management from Anderson College and is a Certified Professional Recruiter. 

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