Gianpaolo Barozzi

Senior Director, HR Leadership and Team Intelligence, Cisco

Gianpaolo Barozzi is a Sr. Director in Cisco HR, leading the Digitalization Office and the Adaptive Talent Marketplace project in the newly formed Leadership & Team Intelligence organization. He is a thought leader in the design and development of innovative workforce experiences and solutions in multiple HR areas at Cisco. He has a wide experience in Talent Management and L&D gained by covering diverse roles and responsibilities which included global leadership for management development, innovation enablement and career development, EMEA Head of L&D, and global leadership for Sales L&D. His passion is re-defining the future of work in corporations - how talent is identified, leveraged, allocated and engaged, and how work is organized, measured and rewarded – and its implication on people, HR and ultimately the society.
Curiosity, creativity, agility and the ability to make innovation happen are his recognized strengths. Gianpaolo is based in Milan, Italy, and holds a degree in Physics and is not an HR-born professional. Prior to transitioning to the HR world, he led R&D teams in Optical Transmission System at Cisco and Pirelli, and before that he was a visiting researcher at the French CNRS. During those years Gianpaolo authored >40 technical papers and 7 international patents. His love for science, art, design thinking and blending theory with experiments is the foundation of his characteristic innovative and future-looking professional forma mentis.

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